Jenna Macken


  • Curious
  • Empathic
  • Your Biggest Cheerleader

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Inspired by

People who see their comfort zone and intentionally choose to live outside it.

First and foremost, I want every rider to feel JOY when they hop on their bike and realize where they are! Secondly, I want my riders to use their time in my class to become even 1% more connected to their body, their mind and their strengths. Lastly, I hold sweaty moments with deep gratitude, and every one of my classes is a celebration of the gift of sweat. I aim to instil this sense of gratitude in every rider


Hiking (or dog walking adventures in fun places). Getting on a plane and exploring the world! Having great conversations over tacos. Eating chocolate.

Tacos. And mezcal margaritas (to go with my tacos).

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