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  • Brand Marketer
  • Tapas Aficionado
  • Avid Overspender
  • R&B Lyric Memorizer
  • Bougie Traveler
  • 20% Chocolate Almond Milk

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I'm inspired by authenticity. By the humans I've been fortunate enough to connect with who do incredible things, live kindly, and are the most genuine people in their own right. Their struggles and their bad days have only served to make them stronger.

I want you to feel like you're enough. Right now. At this moment. In this body. In a dark room with stationary bikes. On a train to school or work. On your most beautiful days. On your shittiest days. You're enough.

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Finding incredible food spots. Drinking various cocktails at various bars and not being hungover the next day. Spending my $ budget on $$$$ trips abroad. Boutique fitness sweats. Sleeping -- A LOT.

My mom's corned beef hash, Filipino spaghetti, and leche flan for dessert. Drink: Homemade sangria.

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