Medina Bandalli


  • Multi-Hyphenate
  • Nerd
  • Athlete
  • People-Person
  • Aux-Cord Controller

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I am inspired by people who show up and experiences that support connection. Showing up can be really scary and hard but in my opinion, that is the work. Once you show up the rest flows. People who show up despite it being hard inspire me to continue to show up.

I want riders to feel like they belong. Whether it's their first ride or 100th ride, it's equally everyones space. When the music starts, I want riders to let go of ego and whatever is happening in their life outside of the door and use the space as something that fills them up so that when they exit class they can take on whatever is still outside those doors. I want my classes to be a space to remind people that they know exactly what they are doing and even if they don't, they will. And duh, I want them to enjoy the music and the vibe because I'm obsessed with my music.

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Golfing, hiking, kayaking, tennis, pilates, yoga, volleyball, dancing

Margaritas and my parents cooking

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